Who Pays the Expenses When You Are Interviewing?

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This question arises almost weekly at Joppa Medical Recruiting, who pays the expenses that develop when a candidate interviews? From our experience working with hundreds of candidates and hiring managers we have come up with a few rules:

  1. If a candidate needs to be flown to a meeting location, the hiring company generally covers the flight. In many cases the company has a corporate travel department and they will make the arrangements. If you are responsible for your own flight it’s a good idea to check the itinerary with your recruiter or hiring manager before you book so they can approve the price. This shows you are sensitive to cost.
  2. If a candidate is asked to fly to an interview and is staying overnight the meals are typically covered by the company. This does not mean order the most expensive meal through room service, use good judgment.
  3. If a candidate needs to stay in a hotel for the interview, because they have a very early or a very late interview and have traveled by car, the candidate typically has to cover the hotel cost.
  4. If a candidate is traveling by car, the expenses of travel such as gas and parking are paid by the candidate.
  5. If the candidate is asked to interview at a restaurant or coffee shop, typically the hiring manager will pay, but its always a good idea to graciously make the offer to pay and not to be offended if they don’t pay.
  6. Keep all receipts and after the interview process is complete, ask your recruiter how to submit them to the company for payment.

Unfortunately for candidates doing a lot of interviewing, expenses can add up, so make your interviews count. For tips on how to prepare visit our page on Medical Field Career Advice.


Margo Leanna

Margo Leanna is an Executive Medical Recruiter with Joppa Medical Recruiting

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