Top 7 Reasons to be a Medical Sales Representative

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As medical recruiters we see the reasons why going into medical sales is a great career move and we want to share them with new graduates or people who may be considering a career change.  Here are our top 7 reasons to become a Medical Sales Representative.

Job Satisfaction

We believe the most important aspect of any job is that you are happy. Good news for prospective Medical Sales Reps, a study done by Medreps found 72% of Medical sales representative are either satisfied or very satisfied with their job. That’s higher than the national average for job satisfaction.

Income Potential

According to the most recent findings by Medreps, in 2016 the average medical sales rep salary is $145,147, with an average base of $88,038. As recruiters we have filled positions for medical reps who make well over $200,000 per year. The salary and commission do not tell the entire story often sales positions come with a company car, or car allowance and 401k. Stock options can be another added financial benefit.

Career Growth

If you are like many job seekers you want to move up the corporate ladder, so it is important to choose a profession with opportunities and growth. There are many directions a medical sales job can lead you. A typical progression may include transitioning into a field trainer then sales manager, then on to regional sales manager. However, there are other choices medical sales can lead to including roles in marketing and corporate training.


While its true that medical sales people work hard and often long hours, the position does offer a great deal of flexibility. Most medical sales representatives work out of a home office which allows sales reps to set their hours and create a schedule that works for them. Medical sales reps also manage their own calendar and do their own scheduling with physicians and other referral sources. Although the days can be long they are not tied into a rigid set schedule or forced to be at a desk all day.

Learn the most innovative advances in medicine and technology

When you are in medical sales you are surrounded by interesting people and thought leaders in the field of medicine. Representatives sell products and services that change lives, such as new FDA approved medical devices, products and services. You never stop learning as a medical rep!

Respected Profession

I get calls daily from people who want to get into Medical Sales. Sales reps from other fields look at medical sales as a glamorous profession.  Also many of the referral sources medical reps call on depend on their expertise on new products and services, in fact, many physicians and nurses are trained by the medical representatives. It is always good to be respected!

Geographic Diversity

When you are a medical rep you can live in any geographic territory. Just about any market in the country has medical sales representatives covering it, from Waco Texas to NYC. There are also many opportunities to relocate with the company if you like moving or has a spouse that needs to relocate for work.

If the career of a Medical Sales Representative sounds good to you check out some of Med Career News’ other articles on how to break into the field, good companies to explore for associate positions, or things to include on your resume!

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