Top 5 Networking Ideas to Get Your Resume Seen

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You have your resume ready, now it is time to get it in the hands of recruiters and hiring managers. One of the best ways to get moving is to start networking! Networking is important because it allows you to expand your connections to others. It just makes sense that the more people you get your resume in front of, the better your chances of landing a job. Here is our list of 7 networking ideas to get your resume distributed.

Set up your LinkedIn Account.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with 396+ million members. The site is free to join and allows you to post your professional background and resume. Speaking from experience as a recruiter, LinkedIn has become one of the best ways to recruit for talent and find potential candidates for positions. Right now there are thousands of recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn looking for talent.

Networking with people you know is always a terrific way to start your job search.

In this day of social media and technology there is still nothing like a personal reference. Often friends, family, neighbors and even acquaintances, are working in the field of your choice and know how to get you in touch with the hiring manager. Often a good reference will get you that interview and give you an edge. So pull out your pen and paper and put a list together of everyone you know who may work for a company you are interested in,  or knows someone else who does. The list may surprise you.

Go to Career Fairs.

Career fairs can be overwhelming due to large amounts of candidates and other people attending. The long lines to meet with the company you are interested in can be daunting, but do not let this stop you. Employers love career fairs, because they have immediate access to candidates and can meet with them in person to measure their qualifications, communication skills and how well they present themselves. Often times meeting a corporate recruiter at a career fair is considered the first interview!

Stop by the Companies You are Interested in Working For.

Sometimes the most obvious thing is the best thing, this includes networking. Write down a list of the top companies you would like to work for and stop in to hand deliver your resume. Ask for human resources when you arrive and tell them you want to drop off your resume and ask if they have a minute to discuss the role. Obviously dress appropriately, do not be too aggressive and be polite. Chances are they cannot meet you, but they should admire the initiative. Another benefit, you also know your resume did get to the company.

Attend College Networking Events.

I know there is a group of alumni from my college in the Boston area who get together monthly. Most colleges hold these casual networking events where alumni get together usually at a restaurant to discuss local events and career opportunities. These are great events because they are a carefree way of possibly meeting someone from your college in your field who needs to hire.

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