Top 7 Job Boards for Medical Sales Representatives

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As recruiters we talk a lot about the benefits of using job boards. They are great for candidates and for recruiters, candidates find jobs and recruiters find candidates. How do you find the site that is right for you? If you are a medical or pharmaceutical sales representative, we did the homework for you. Here is our top 7 list of sites for medical reps.

Medreps is a niche site that just focuses on medical sales representatives. The jobs on Medreps site feature pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and healthcare sales roles. Employers looking for candidates pay a yearly and monthly fee to get candidates’ contact information. Job seekers’ memberships start at $19.99 per month, which allows the candidate to post a resume, look at job postings and be contacted by employers and recruiters. Medreps also has resume service and career advice sections that can be helpful.

Monster is one of the original job boards and currently offers over 1000 medical sales jobs on its site, making it one of our top picks. Monster does offer career advice, however it is not focused on the medical field. The site is free to search jobs and post a resume, however with a monthly fee and expensive job posting, it can get pricey for employers and recruiters to find you.

If you are a senior level sales person looking for a job in biotechnology, this is the site for you. This is a niche site that focuses on life science companies. The site is good for keeping yourself informed with news on FDA approvals and life science updates. It is expensive for employers, job postings start at $415.


Focuses on pharmaceutical jobs from research to sales. The site is one of the original job boards focused on the medical industry. They feature pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. They have about 500 sales jobs from entry level to senior sales roles. The site is free for candidates.
Med Career News
Med Career News is another niche site that focuses just on medical careers. They not only have medical sales jobs, but they also focus on career advice and corporate news. The site also offers products that help candidates such as sales plans and a resume service. Medical recruiters run the site and are always ready to  respond to emails. An extra bonus, the site is free for job seekers and employers to post jobs.
Indeed is a no frills site, not focused on the medical field or sales, but is so large it offers many medical sales positions. The site is also easy to use and is free for job seekers and relatively inexpensive for employers and recruiters with a pay per click arrangement.
GorillaMed is a site just focused on medical sales jobs from pharmaceutical to medical device. The site seems helpful and more focused on entry- level to mid-level jobs, if you are a more senior level person this may not be the site for you. Also there is a monthly membership fee to view jobs and upload a resume.
If you are looking for a sales job in the medical field, our advice is to check out all of these job boards, they post different sales positions, offer a network of competing recruiters and many offer fabulous free career advice. Once you reviewed them, you can decide how many of them are right for you.


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