Top 7 Interview Questions When Applying for a Medical Sales Job and Why They are Asked

Top 7 Interview Questions

Part of planning for an interview is understanding what types of questions a hiring manager may ask and prepping answers. If you have taken our sales quiz you will know that being organized and being a planner are 2 qualities managers look for in a good medical sales representative. Preparing answers that demonstrate those qualities is key for your medical sales interview. Here are our top 7 interview questions for a medical sales job interview along with tricks about how to answers them to make sure you shine.

  1. Tell me what you know about our company?
  2. How do you organize/plan your day?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. Where do you see areas of improvement?
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  6. What is your greatest accomplishment at your last job?
  7. What is your current quota and how are you attaining it?

Top 7 Interview Questions with Answers

  1. One of the first top 7 interview questions is, “Tell me what you know about our company? The hiring manager wants to know if you have done your homework and researched the company. If a candidate cannot answer clearly and concisely about the company’s strengths, products and pipeline, managers will assume they do not know enough about the company to be a serious interviewer. Hiring managers want an employee who wants the job for a good reason. They are not just testing the waters. If a hiring manager believes you are not fully committed to company you will not move forward in the interview process.
  2. Another of the top 7 interview question is “How do you plan your day?” This seems like an easy question and it can be. As mentioned earlier organized people who plan ahead make good sales representatives. Be prepared to tell the hiring manager how you organize your day and plan out physician calls. Explain your techniques to save time. An example is scheduling appointments in the same geographic region of the territory so you are not running from appointment to appointment at opposite ends of the territory. By doing this  you demonstrate your ability to plan and organize. Other examples include discussing your habit of rising early and other time saving devices you use throughout the day.
  3. Every good manager wants to know your strengths so it makes sense a top interview question is “What are your strengths? Even sales people who are used to selling are not always great at selling themselves. Be prepared to fire away on what your strengths. Explain how they help you succeed in a medical sales role. If you are a great communicator and great at public speaking, let the manager know. If you are well connected in the physician market that is a clear strength. Think hard before you go the interview and be prepared to sell yourself.
  4. What is not so easy to answer, but is a top interview question on a medical sales interview is, “What are your areas of improvement? This is a tough question and can be tricky to answer. You do not want to put something negative in the interviewer’s head that you cannot overcome. This could get you knocked out of the hiring process. It’s best to make your area of improvement something that can be construed as positive. Here is an example of a good answer, “Large group presentations make me uncomfortable, however I am working on it.” Most people hate public speaking and presenting in front of large groups. So this is a common area of improvement and should not raise any red flags for the hiring manager.
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This may be the most common interview question for any position and for good reason. Companies do not want to invest in hiring and training an employee to have them quit or move on to another role. Hiring managers are looking for someone who, in 5 years, has moved up within the company, is top ranked and has become a leader.
  6. The interview process aims at identifying top talent. Asking candidates, “What is your greatest accomplishment at your last job? gets to the heart of this. Managers want to see you had some great achievements. They want to know that you are proud of them. Use the opportunity to explain how you continue to achieve if you work for them.
  7. What is your current quota and how are you attaining it? Be prepared to talk about your quota and what your sales numbers are at your current job. If you have not made quota come with good reasons. Medical sales managers want to know what business you can bring with you and you are going to be a top performer.

There are many interview questions and interview styles, so it is not always possible to know exactly what a hiring manager is going to ask. What you can do is prepare for these top 7 interview questions and you will be on your way to a successful medical sales interview.

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Lisa Manley

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