Top 7 Highest Paid Non Clinical Management Positions in the Medical Field

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Top 7 Highest Paid Non Clinical Management Positions in the Medical Field

The medical field offers a vast number of career choices. If you are investigating a career change or are a new graduate exploring your job options, take a look at our 7 top highest paying non clinical management jobs in the medical field, per the US Department of Labor and Statistics along with job descriptions and educational requirements for the position.

  1. Computer and System Managers
  2. Financial Managers
  3. Sales Managers
  4. Training and Development Managers
  5. Compensation and Benefits Managers
  6. Human Resource Managers
  7. Marketing Managers

1. Computer and System Managers – Annual mean salary of $119,830 and generally responsible for administering and implementing all computer-related technologies, including internet operations, network security, and software upgrades.

Education Requirements – Computer information systems managers typically need a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related degree such as, information science, computer engineering or computer science.

2. Financial Managers – Annual mean salary of $113,930, they are generally responsible for helping management make financial decisions by monitoring a company’s finances. They also prepare financial statements, business activity reports, and monitor financial details to ensure that legal requirements are met. Some positions supervise employees who do financial reporting, budgeting and financial analysis.

Education Requirements – Finance Manager typically need a Bachelor’s Degree in finance, a MBA is preferred.

3.  Sales Managers Annual mean salary of $113,700, they are generally responsible for managing the sales growth of an assigned product or portfolio, through hiring, developing and training a sales team.

Educational Requirements – Sales Managers are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree, a MBA is preferred.

4.  Training and Development Managers – Annual mean salary of $106,180, generally responsible for managing the training and development of employees including: strategy, content development, and product and skills training for assigned products or portfolio.

Educational Requirements Training Managers in the medical field typically need a Bachelor’s degree, a MBA is preferred.

5.  Compensation and Benefits Managers – Annual mean salary of $106,700, generally responsible for designing, developing, implementing and managing salary, bonus and benefits packages for the employees of an organization.

Educational Requirements – Bachelor’s degree is required with a focus on human resources, finance or business administration.

6.  Human Resource Managers – Annual mean salary of $96,570, generally responsible for supporting one or more human resource departments Human Resource Managers provide information and assistance to employees on all HR-related issues, including employee complaints, access to employee benefits and information about career opportunities. HR Managers often deliver training to employees and managers on HR issues, such as sexual harassment awareness, or HR processes, such as performance reviews.

Educational Requirements A Bachelor’s degree is required many companies prefer a focus on Human Resource Management.

7.  Marketing Managers – Annual mean salary $96,410, generally responsible for providing input into the annual marketing plan such as : sales forecasts, market trends, product life cycle, sales promotion and developing marketing materials needed to accomplish the goals.

Educational Requirements – A Bachelor’s degree is required and typically a MBA is preferred.

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