Should You do an Apprenticeship?

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Apprenticeships can be a win-win: employers are provided with people to fill gaps in areas of need; workers are given the opportunity to earn a salary, while learning the skills necessary to succeed in high-demand careers, including the medical field. For those on the job hunt, Med Career News has highlighted the benefits of apprenticeships, read on to see if one may be right for you.

What is an apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship provides on-the-job training, along with academic instruction, under the supervision of a trade professional, usually in exchange for a commitment to continue working for an agreed upon period after the employee has achieved their training goals. Apprenticeships typically last 3 to 6 years.

Benefits of apprenticeships

  • Getting paid to learn is one of the best benefits of having an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships allow people to earn a salary,  while learning the skills necessary to succeed in a chosen career.
  • Gaining experience without spending money on college coursework. Let’s face it, college is expensive. apprenticeships offer the ability to learn and often earn college credit while getting paid. Its a great option for people who feel college is out of reach financially, or for people who don’t want to take on student loans.
  •  Apprenticeships offer a stimulating learning experience. You won’t have to spend all of your days studying in a classroom. The majority of the time you’ll be working at a company, where you not only learn hands on skills, but learn how to work with a team, meet corporate expectations and work goals.
  • If you do well as an apprentice there’s lots of potential for you to progress in your career quickly and stay with the company that offered the apprenticeship. The key to success, as with any position, is to work hard and impress your supervisors in order to earn yourself a full time position with the company after your apprenticeship is over. In fact, per 87 percent of apprentices are employed after completing their programs, with an average starting wage above $50,000.

How do you find an apprenticeship?
Over the next 5 years it is estimated there will be 34,000 new apprentices in high-growth and high-tech industries including health care, IT and advanced manufacturing. The Department of Labor is making it easy to identify programs by visiting their site. They have a link called the Glassdoor Apprenticeship Finder. Simply click on the state you are interested in working in and it brings up a list of opportunities. From there you can follow the links further and it breaks down openings by town and fields. For example, we selected Massachusetts and found a great opportunity in the medical field at the supervisor level for CVS Healthcare.

As  an apprentice, the skills you learn can  open doors to other opportunities and provide an education and an experience that will benefit you in the future. For more tips on how to break into the medical field visit MedCareer News today. We can also provide help with resumes and sales plans!

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