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Statistics show a professionally written resume can make you more likely to be contacted by recruiters, get the interview and therefore land the job!

There are a lot of resume services out there to choose from. When making your decision on who to hire to review, edit or write your resume you need to look at a few things.

  1. What field are you in and whether or not the service you choose has expertise in that field.
  2. Who are the people reviewing my resume? Do they have the skill to know what to look for and what changes to make?
  3. Are the people writing your resume easily accessible and timely?

Why use Med Career News resume service?

Resume writer from within the medical field

Med Career News is  one of the only resume services that has professional medical recruiter review your resume. Our staff includes working medical recruiters who have active relationships with hiring managers in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. Based on working experience they know exactly what needs to be on your resume to impress the hiring managers. Just as important they know what shouldn’t be on your resume and how to make it the right length to get it read.

Experience working with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device hiring managers

Not sure how to include the right keywords to get your resume found once it’s posted online? Med Career News resume writers have experience speaking with hiring managers and recruiters from leading companies from within the medical field. They know how to interview you to get the information necessary to build a winning resume and how to include the words that hiring managers and other recruiters are searching for.

Quick Turn Around

The recruiters who work on resumes at Med Career News will call you within 24 to review your resume and conduct a quick interview to find out what your career goals are. Our recruiters spend time with you, they don’t just put together a generic resume. Together you’ll got from there towards the job of your dreams.

For everything you need to prepare for your next job interview  visit Med Career News today for, 306090 sales plans, resume service and career advice.




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