Not All Career Sites Are Equal

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If you are on the hunt for a new job or a career change there are a few sites you have to be on and certain steps you must take. But there are other options beyond the obvious that can lift you out of the masses and make a job offer more likely to appear.

Job Finding Musts: Choose your field       

Getting a profile and a resume up on LinkedIn isn’t really an option any more if you are serious about a new job. Updating your resume to reflect your current role is also key – but even with these two obvious steps there are ways to shine, and that is all about specialization.  When looking for a job it helps to know what you want. For example, if you are in sales if helps to pick a field that has products you want to sell. There are lots to choose from and it helps if you have a genuine interest in your area. Is technology, sports equipment, medical device or pharma of interest? Picking a specific area is important for a number of reasons, it helps you target potential employers and it helps potential employers find you.The more precise you can become with your field, the more your chances will improve. Why? These days resumes and profiles are all about keywords. If you want to get found, and then have your resume pass the first cut, you need to have the right words on it. Within the medical sales field there are a number of subcategories: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device, capital equipment, just to name a few, and things only continue to narrow from there.

Step Two: Learn more about your field

To figure which area is right for you do a little research. Take a quiz, like Med Career New’s Is Medical Sales Right for You? or Do you have what it takes to be in pharmaceutical marketing? See if there are places where your inherent interests line up with a job opportunity. Once you’ve found an area that feels like a good fit its time for a little more digging. And here’s where not all career websites are equal.

Find the Right Career Website

There are lots of general sites out there to help with your resume, interview skills and job hunt. But once you’ve picked a field – look for sites that provide information about how best to operate within that field. Again, take medical sales resumes for those positions need to be designed to appeal to people in the industry, that means sales stats need to be included, keywords that relate to the products you want to sell and awards you’ve received should be reflected. A general career site won’t give you this information. You also need to be able to put together a 306090 sales plan for the interview.  In order to get into a more lucrative field like medical sales, you need to be ready to show you can talk the talk. There are sites like MedReps, and Med Career News that provide this kind of information that will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates and make sure you’re the one who gets the job.

Take the time to do the research and make sure you are looking in the right place and have the information you need to find the job you want that will take you where you want to go.

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Lindsey McCoy MPA, is an Executive Medical Recruiter and former CEO in the not for profit sector.

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