New Year’s Resolution, New Career Goals!

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 Need help making resolutions for 2017? Approximately 44% of Americans said they are making new year’s resolutions, according to a national Marist Poll.  Many of those resolutions will involve career and jobs. The new year is a great time to take a look at where you are in your career and assess your progress. It is a time to look within and determine if you are content with your job or want to make changes.  We have a few tips to help determine what your career goals should be 2017 and how to make them happen.

Set goals and write them down

All jobs have goals and often our paychecks revolve around goal attainment.  Take time to write down your career goals: what you want your salary to be, your dream job title, maybe even a new industry you want to move into. Break your goals into yearly, quarterly and monthly steps. From here you can come up with strategies to obtain those goals.

Tell someone your goals

According to several studies, telling people goals actually makes them less likely to happen, but when it comes to your career talking about your goals is important. Don’t keep them a secret. Talking about what you want gives you accountability and can help you reach your goals. For instance, let a manager know you want to be promoted. They might be able to help you identify steps you need to take to be considered for the promotion.  The same goes for wanting to transfer to another department or even to another area of the country, you need to make the right people aware of your plans or they might never happen. Another way talking about your goals can help is if you confide in people who can advocate for you, such as a mentor, trusted manager or human resources.

Concentrate on your most important goal

We all have goals that are more important than others. Maybe you’d prefer to have a better work-life balance as opposed to making more money or getting promoted. Whatever is the most important goal, focus on that goal first.  After you’ve written down your goals identify what is most important to you, then do your homework. If your goal is to make more money, investigate salaries in your field and what you make at your current company. If you want more responsibility let your manager know you want to be promoted or relocated. If your current company cannot meet your goals it may be time to look for a new job.

Give yourself a timeline

When getting in shape or trying to lose weight, we want results to happen right away. But setting the wrong expectations is how we set ourselves up to fail.  Like getting in shape, set a realistic timeline for how and when you are going to achieve your goals. If, as mentioned earlier in the article, you set monthly, quarterly and annual goals you’ll be much ore likely not to get discouraged when your life hasn’t changed by February.

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