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Want to know more about the average costs of health conditions and services and how the compare to your costs? Check out, set up by The Health Care Cost Institute.

Recently more than 200 new health conditions and services have been added to the site to better address consumers questions related to health care prices. The new conditions and services show prices for treating common concerns including back pain, ear infections, colds and flu as well as surgical procedures such as hysterectomy and biopsies. Price information for a variety of lab tests, vaccines and imaging services including ultrasounds, x-rays and CT scans has also been added.

Other enhancements include a body navigation tool that allows people to search for price information by simply clicking on the relevant body part, updated price data for existing care bundles, enhanced location features, and changes to make the site more mobile-friendly. For the first time, the site begins to include quality metrics, with scores for diabetes, asthma and hypertension along with hospital readmissions. HCCI expects to include additional quality metrics over time. was launched in February 2015 with the goal of giving consumers information on the price and quality of health care so they can make more informed choices about how they spend their health care dollars. It is free and accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they have insurance or who their insurer is. provides national, state and local price estimates for nearly 300 shoppable health services. The estimates are based on actual amounts paid to providers by insurers and consumers—calculated from HCCI’s immense dataset, which includes de-identified insurance claims data for more than 50 million people nationwide. Using actual claims data allows to provide timely price estimates that are trended forward and adjusted for inflation.

Currently, data for are provided by three large national insurers. All health care payers are invited to join the initiative. HCCI also invites states engaged in all payer claims database (APCD) initiatives to collaborate with the institute. In 2014, HCCI became the first national Qualified Entity (QE) entitled to hold Medicare data.

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