How to Ramp Up Your Job Search in 2017

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Most of us are thinking about what our New Year’s resolutions are going to be and reflecting on what worked for us in 2016 and what we want to change in 2017. For those of you who are actively looking for a new job or who want to start a search, here are our tips on how to ramp up your job search in 2017.

Identify your strengths

As we move forward with our career, we don’t always get our dream job and often these setbacks can make us forget what we actually want to be. Take time going into 2017 to identify your strengths and think about how to reconnect with them. Think about jobs that you see fulfilling you. Create a list and see how the strengths fit into job descriptions and different work roles you may want.

If you are having a hard time re-discovering what you want, try taking time over the holidays and ask other people what they see as your strengths. Also, take a look at your old end of year reviews and identify what your bosses have mentioned as your assets. Match those strengths and accomplishments with jobs and careers. It certainly cannot hurt to apply to positions that fit the strengths on your list!

Determine if you can relocate

To increase your chance of finding a job, open yourself to relocating. If you can relocate you open up yourself up to countless opportunities. Relocating does not always mean packing up your stuff and moving across the country either, many great jobs are 60 miles away. However, do keep in mind that hiring managers are not always willing to interview people who do not live in a region, they are afraid people will burn out commuting so you may need to be willing to move closer if the job works out. Also if one of your dream companies is located in another area of the country it might be worth exploring options with them and considering a move

Sign up for Job Feeds

Make it easy, sign up for job feeds, let openings from leading jobs land in your email while you shop. We have made a list of our favorite job boards, including the one at Med Career News.  When signing up for job feeds simply use keywords of titles of positions and company names you want to work for. Job boards also make applying easy, most have job descriptions with a link to apply on-line.


Holiday parties and meeting up with people you only see once a year make it the perfect time to network. Make a point to reach out to at least 3 people who either work for or are friends with people at companies or the industry you are interested in. People are usually in generous moods and have a sense of helping others. Try to set up appointments between Christmas and New Year’s, which is typically a slower work week and people have more down time.

Do your homework

If you want to step it up a notch do your research on companies. Always follow company pipelines, financials and job feeds. This allows you to zone in on companies that have a robust future. Subscribe to sites like Med Career News that have financial information and breaking news and jobs from your favorite companies and industries.

Get prepared

Finally, make sure you are prepared from the job search! This takes some organization! You need to update your resume, get your references ready, create a brag book and get motivated! If you are not organized, make this one of your new year’s resolutions and stick with it.

If you are looking for a new job, get motivated for 2017 and follow our tips to start moving forward in your job search. Life is too short to stay with a job you don’t like!

Lisa Manley, MedCareerNews

Lisa Manley is a partner at a leading medical recruiting agency and has over 15 years recruiting for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


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