How to Land a New Job Fast!

How to land a job fast.

Not many of us have the luxury of taking time off in between jobs, we have bills, tuition, mortgages and all sorts of other financial commitments. If you have recently been downsized, let go or are searching for a new position we have some tips that will help you land that new job fast!

Get your resume together.
Many of you may not have an updated resume since your first job. It’s past time to get your resume together. There are few good resume review and rewrite services which are worth paying for, especially if you are short on time. If you want to do your resume on your own make sure you use a bullet format, include accomplishments for each job, use dates of employment and keep it short and to the point.

Network and distribute your resume
Once your resume is ready to go you need to get network and get your resume in front of hiring managers. You can do this a few ways: sign up for job boards, connect with employers on LinkedIn, reach out to friends and stop by companies you are interested in person.

The first thing we recommend people do is set up a profile on LinkedIn. This is a great place to upload your resume for employers to find you. Keep in mind this is not Facebook, use a professional picture and employment profile.

Job boards are another effective way to see who is hiring and get your resume in the hands of employers and recruiters. Save time and sign up for job feeds directly into your inbox.

Another great way to get your job search moving is get your resume in the hands of friends. Write down a list of who you know, where they work and start reaching out today.

Set yourself apart and find a job the old fashioned way. If there are companies you want to work for in your local area, stop by in person and drop off your resume. You may get lucky and get to meet someone and make a connection.

Use outside recruiting agencies.
Another option is to use outside recruiting agencies to help you get a job. Recruiters are paid by companies to find qualified candidates for their positions. Recruiters can help you in many ways including presenting jobs to you, coaching you through the interview process and helping you negotiate the job offer.

Make sure you prepare for your interviews.
Once you start to get interviews lined up you need to prepare. Here are a few essentials. Always have few fresh copies of your resume to bring to the interview, prepare your references, if you’re in sales prepare a 30 60 90 day sales plan, make sure you dress appropriately and practice interviewing!

Make sure to follow-up.
There is no faster way to get knocked out of a job opportunity than to not follow up after an interview! Hiring managers want people who are organized and have great follow-up. So purchase business thank you cards and get ready to send them out. Remember they should be sent out the same day or the next day, at the latest, to everyone you interviewed with.
Little steps can make great differences and that includes searching for a job. Make sure you follow our advice to give yourself the best chance at landing a job fast. If you need help finding a job in the medical field, assistance with a 90 day sales plan or you are looking for a resume rewrite service check out Med Career News today.

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