How to Follow up Post-Interview Without Being Annoying

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If you have read any of our articles on interviewing, you know the interview does not end until after you have gone home. One of the most important steps that can make the difference between you being passed over and landing the job is how you follow up with the hiring manager.  This article is going to let you know what you need to do without being so pushy they stop taking your calls.

Follow-up with Recruiter

If your interview was set up through a recruiter make sure to follow-up with your recruiter after the interview. Recruiters want to know how you felt the interview went. Recruiters typically are in contact with the hiring manager right away to see how their candidates did and get feedback. Hiring managers often ask if the candidates have followed-up, which is a sign of a good employee. Accordingly, if a manager has feedback on your interview it is important to know as soon as possible, that way if there is negative feedback or concerns about your candidacy, you can address it by following up with the hiring manager via your thank you note or email message.

Thank You Note

The first thing you do after an interview is send out thank you notes to everyone with whom you interviewed. During the interview make sure you ask for the business cards so you know the hiring managers contact information. Sending a hand written note is preferable, but if you are traveling or have no way of getting it done, send thank you notes via email. The thank you notes should go out the same day as the interview.

Some people prep the thank you notes before the interview, which can be a time saver, but it’s nice to personalize them with a detail from the meeting so best to wait if you have the time. However, better a generic thank you than no thank you at all.

Phone Call to Hiring Manager

After you have been in touch with your recruiter and sent thank you cards, if you have not been updated on the status of your interview, it is time to call the hiring manager.  Do not do this sooner than 3 days after your initial interview. Just check in and reconfirm your interest in the position and address any concerns the hiring manager may have. Do this again two weeks later if you still have not heard. Depending on how much travel a manager does it is not that uncommon for time to go by before they make a decision.

Reach Out to Your References

Before you begin the interview process you should have your references lined up. It is also important if you go on an interview to follow up with your references and tell them who you have interviewed with and to expect a call. It is very frustrating and can leave a poor impression with hiring managers if they reach out to references who do not return phone calls.

There is a lot of competition when interviewing and little things can set you apart and land you the job. Failure to do those little things can also lose you the job. Follow our advice and land your dream job.


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