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Med Career News provides the latest Medical Career news and career advice to help people move their career forward. We also provide career quizzes, job postings and job tips, all with a medical career focus.

Med Career News was created by medical industry recruiters who saw a need for candidates to be better informed about the current events. Candidates meed to know whose patent was approved, what company is buying another, if a breakthrough in drug or bio technology happened. They constantly need to be gathering information to inform their career options.

“So many of the career sites are so generic. They are casting a wide net to have as large an audience as possible. We are focusing on those people within the medical field. Including those who want to work in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and bio tech, and hospital and health care. We want to provide targeted information that will be useful in getting a job, advancing a career, or moving into another division,” says Lisa Manley. Manley is a co-founder of the site, a former pharmaceutical sales rep and medical recruiter.

Med Career News, Working to Help You Get Ahead

Med Career New’s goal is to help those in the field as well as those who are trying to enter. Both groups can use our help finding a job that best suits their skills and achieve their career ambitions. “We are trying to provide people with the specific skills and information they need to thrive,” says Lindsey McCoy, site co-founder.

“The more resumes are designed with the specific needs of the medical field the more successful they are going to be. I see this as a site that can help people find the right career, or move into the right arena within their field.” Med Career News is about helping make the most of the skills and experience people already have.  Sometimes people aren’t successful because they are trying for jobs that aren’t a good fit. We are providing information to help them make more informed choices.

As the site grows we intend to generate revenue through advertising and sponsorship. We are investigating other monetization strategies and partnerships. We are always working to bring additional resources and information to our users.

Lisa Manley, co founder, Med Career News Lisa Manley is a co-founder of the site, a former pharmaceutical sales rep and medical recruiter.

Lindsey McCoy, Co founder, Med Career NewsLindsey McCoy MPA, is an Executive Medical Recruiter and former CEO in the not for profit sector.  She is a content editor and a partner in MedCareerNews.com


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