Five Simple Interview Mistakes Sales People Make That Can Cost Them the Job

pharmaceutical sales interview

You have been sending out your resume and speaking with recruiters and you finally have a face to face interview. This is a chance to showcase your work history and skills, so do not blow it by not preparing. Preparation is the single most important part of making a presentation. So consider an interview as the ultimate presentation of your employment history, selling skills and those all-important contacts that are so important in sales.

If you do not prepare for the interview with these 5 things, there’s a good chance you won’t be moving forward in the interview process.

A huge part of considering to interview a sales representative is to look at their past successes and achievements. So make sure you bring a brag book. The book should contain awards, great reviews from your managers and even emails congratulating you on a job well done. If you do not bring a brag book with documented successes, the manager may assume you do not have any and will look to the next candidate who does.

Many people make the assumption that sales people have the gift of gab, but do not let this gift be a hindrance and get you knocked out of the process. It is more important to listen and answer clearly and concisely. Do not over-explain your answers and ramble on. It is more important to ask good questions and let the hiring manager do most of the talking.

When a medical representative is meeting with a physician or other referral they must always ask for the business. So let the hiring manager know you can do this by asking for the job. If you cannot ask for the job and close the interviewer, they are going to think you are unable to ask for the business/’close the deal’ and may move forward with another recruit.

No matter where you are interviewing, the company is going to want references. So plan ahead and have your references with you. Make sure you choose your references and ask them if you can use them as a reference. Three is a minimum number to provide: 1 supervisor, 1 physician (if applicable) and 1 colleague. It is pretty much a sure bet you will not get hired if the manager cannot get good references in a timely manner.

Follow up with everyone you met with and send thank you notes. If it comes down to you and another candidate who sent thank you notes and you did not, guess who they are going to hire? The candidate with good follow-up will always win out.

Medical sales is a competitive field so set yourself apart with a brag book, interview with quality thoughtful questions, prepare references and thank you notes and you will be on your way to moving forward in the medical field with your dream job.

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