Excellence in Surgical Product Awards, Part 1

NuCART and C arm shown at use in Vascular Surgery.

The 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards were announced in the November/December issue of Surgical Products. Sponsored by Surgical Products Magazine, the ESP Awards competition attracts hundreds of medical device entrants annually. Winning entries are selected by Surgical Products Magazine readers.

Best in Show for Surgical Products: CV Medical, Medtronic and Stryker

CV Medical’s NuCART was honored by Surgical Products’ readers with the first place Excellence in Surgical Products Best in Show award. According to CV Medical NuCART is breaking barriers as the first integrated mobile boom and visualization system. Mobility enables any OR to be a multi-purpose hybrid, providing greater scheduling flexibility. Mobility of the boom system makes it simple to reconfigure the OR depending on the requirements of the surgical procedure and the patient’s position within the room. The entire system connects to a wall outlet through a single power cord. NuCART’s mobility and its built-in video integration provide a simpler, less expensive alternative to upgrading image viewing capability. Mobility  and integration help remove cost and physical barriers that have prohibited all surgical specialties, whether manual or robotic, from the benefit of operating in ORs where booms and advanced visualization are present. Because NuCART is mobile, it can be evaluated on-site, thus removing procurement risk. It is more easily procured than alternative boom systems that require years of planning and construction.

Medtronic’s TYRXTM Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope came in second. Medtronic says the product meets an important unmet patient need, the need for infection prevention during cardiac device procedures. It also helps stabilize the cardiac device implant after implantation, another important product feature. And, an additional key feature of the product is that it is fully absorbable after about nine weeks. By being fully absorbable, there is no foreign body nidus for a potential infection, and there is no change necessary in surgical technique during change-out, upgrade or revision procedures. This is extremely important since most patients with cardiac devices are going to have multiple change-outs of their device over their lifetime.

Stryker’s Dual Flat Panel System was rated third. As the number of minimally invasive procedures performed increases each year, there is continued emphasis on improving visualization in the surgical suite. Of course, this starts with using the best imaging systems, cameras and monitors, but making sure that the monitors are placed in the best position is critically important. The Stryker Dual Flat Panel System ensures that imaging monitors can be effortlessly maneuvered around the OR. This allows the surgical staff to focus on the best monitor position for each unique procedural application.

Winners in the Surgical Safety Category

The VisiWrap Face Protection, distributed by Sharn Anesthesia, is an innovative foam guard for anesthetized patients in supine and beach chair positions. It wraps fully around the patient’s face and head to provide 360 degrees of protection. Once placed on the patient’s face, the surgical drapes go up and lightweight surgical instruments, suction etc. are placed on top on the drape. Once the bed is placed in steep Trendelenburg position, gravity ensues and those lightweight instruments gravitate towards the patient’s face. The VisiWrap face protection is ideal for gynecologic and urology robotic procedures, shoulder surgeries and microvascular surgeries (i.e. deep flaps/breast reconstruction). Invented by a CRNA with the idea that creating a lightweight barrier between the patient’s face and the surgical field would ensure safety for our patients by protecting them from corneal abrasions and pressure related facial nerve damage.

Developed by a Thoracic Surgeon, Nezzie, a safe patient ambulation device by Blickman, can be parked bedside and holds all equipment in a single, self-contained, stable unit. From immediately after surgery to the days that follow, getting out of bed is a significant challenge for postoperative patients. The simplest movements can be difficult. Yet, frequent ambulation may reduce patient recovery time, LOS, peripheral ailments and costs associated with those ailments. Nezzie, resides bedside and holds all devices, monitors, oxygen and IV poles, thereby elimi- nating the need to transfer and carry each item during ambulation.

The Cactus® Smart Sink® is designed to safely and easily dispose of pharmaceutical waste that would otherwise be discarded in red sharps containers, waste bins, toilets, or sinks. It helps bring your medical facility into compliance by preventing improper disposal while simplifying the pharmaceutical waste process. It renders remaining portions of partially administered controlled substances unrecoverable, non-retrievable and unusable so the discarded pharmaceutical waste does not end up in the wrong hands or impact the environment. By providing a much-need secured solution to DEA controlled substance waste the Smart Sink system completes your hospital’s waste management process while reducing opportunities for drug diversion.

Surgical Lighting Awards

Pare Surgical’s NOVA Surgical Light Source is a disposable hand held surgical light that brings better visualization to the surgical field. Its three LEDs illumination are positioned to provide light virtually eliminating shadows. Gives surgeons the opportunity to see inside the human body when operating through small incisions better than ever before.

The HarmonyAIR M-Series Surgical Lighting System uses the latest in LED lighting technology to produce bright, white, cool light that enables the surgeon to work comfortably and discern the details of exposed tissue with absolute clarity. Its innovative suspensions and intuitive controls allow OR staffs to do their jobs more efficiently and with fewer frustrations. Pure, bright white lights with superior optics provide clarity, and because they are cooler, comfort as well.

Enova Illumination’s Cyclops XLT-225 is the world’s brightest LED surgical headlight and was designed for “deep cavity” surgeons who need the most powerful, pure, white light for visualizing the surgical cavity. Unlike traditional fiber optic systems which require long, heavy, and cumbersome cables, the Cylcops XLT-225 is completely tether-less allowing the surgeon to move freely within the surgical suite without interruption.

More categories and winners in Part 2 tomorrow

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