Don’t Panic: How To Prepare For Your Dream Medical Sales Job

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Reaching medical sales rep status isn’t an easy goal to attain. So if you’ve been attempting to break into the field and haven’t made it yet, don’t get discouraged.  Landing your dream medical sales job, of course, takes a lot of time and dedication. Those who step back and take time to prepare, are able to more confidently apply and accept their dream job.

Evan is one of the people who took time to do his homework. He researched companies, found out what medical sales recruiters are looking for, and began racking up the skills needed to prepare for the application process. After finding out recruiters look for specific experiences, Evan took six full months to really brush up and hone those skills. This gave him the ability to prove he had the necessary skills, experience, and personality to succeed at top medical sales companies.

Here’s how you too can start preparing for your dream medical sales job:

Network and network frequently

Focusing on networking for a week or two will help you find connections, but it won’t give you the opportunity to nurture relationships. These newly formed bonds will build strong mentorships, giving you new learning opportunities, chances to build up your resume, and even help you land the job.  In fact, according to LinkedIn’s 2017 U.S. and Canada Recruiting Trends report, recruiters say their top source for quality hires is employee referrals. This means the more people you know, the higher your chances are of landing that big sales job.

So, start networking with anyone and everyone you know — and even those you don’t. You never know, someone at your family reunion may have connections in the medical field. However, it’s also important to get out of your comfort zone.  Attend networking events, if needed, take a friend along for moral support. Or find online discussion groups where you can start building your reputation as a thought leader, ask current sales pros questions, and see firsthand what the best reps are doing to put them at the top of their field.

Take a sales job — any sales job

Every successful sales rep has to start somewhere. Don’t be ashamed to take a sales job that isn’t on your list of “dream careers.”  Medical sales recruiters are looking for direct sales experience and specific numbers. They need to see you have the ability to connect with clients, take the pressure of a sales job, and deliver top numbers quarter after quarter. However, proving this doesn’t mean you need to be in the medical sales field.

Even though any sales experience is valuable, try finding a sales job that will put you in a similar medical environment. For example, if you want to sell medical products to hospitals, find an office equipment or food service sales job that caters to this client. While you may not be selling prescriptions or the newest medical devices, recruiters will acknowledge your experience selling in that very unique and difficult environment.

Start traveling frequently

The life of a salesperson isn’t for everyone — nobody knows this better than recruiters. They’ve seen confident, promising new hires start the job, but quit early on because they couldn’t handle the lifestyle. In order to set yourself apart from those who couldn’t hack it, show recruiters you’re already doing what successful medical sales reps do every day — travel. In fact, according to my company, MedReps’,  2017 Medical Sales Salary Report, the top earning medical sales reps are spending more time on the road and have more experience in sales.

Get yourself out on the road. Not just to enhance your resume, but also to reassure yourself that the medical sales life is right for you. Keep track of where you travel, how frequently, and what you’re selling. Plan out your days to be as efficient as possible, and later explain to recruiters what you learned from your travels.

Above all, in the next six months, stay confident on your path to your dream job. Make a list of short and long-term goals, so you can feel a sense of accomplishment as they’re checked-off and you’re one step closer to becoming a medical sales rep.

BIO: Karyn Mullins, Executive Vice President and General Manager, a job board which gives members access to the most sought after medical sales jobs and pharmaceutical sales jobs on the Web.



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