Career Tip of the Day, Turn Your Negatives into Positives

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Career Tip of the Day/Turn Your Negatives into Positives

If you have an interview this week it is very important to plan for the interview. One way to do that is prepare for the types of questions the hiring manager is going to ask. A very common interview question is, “tell me your greatest strength and tell me where you have an area of improvement”. The latter is a tough question and can be tricky to answer. You do not want to set in the interviewers head something negative that you cannot overcome and gets you knocked out of the hiring process. This is where you make your negative something that can be construed as positive. A few examples of good answers to this question include:

“I have a type A personality and tend to never shut down. I take work very seriously sometimes at the expense of my personal life”. This is a great  area of improvement because the hiring manager is going to get the impression you are a hard worker and always ready to go the extra mile.

“Although I manage, it is hard for me to give negative feedback to employees during an employee review”. This is another great answer for someone who manages employees. It shows you are empathetic to other employees. It should be hard to give a tough employee review.

 “Large group presentations make me uncomfortable, however I am working on it”. Most people hate public speaking and presenting in front of large groups. So this is a common area of improvement and should not raise any red flags for the hiring manager.

 So if you are asked “what are your areas of improvement”, turn your answer into something positive.

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