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Tips to Getting Your Resume Found on the Internet, Use Keywords on Your Resume

These days’ people find jobs by posting resumes on job boards and career sites like LinkedIn. It makes it hard to be found compared to the old fashioned way of sending your resume directly to the hiring manager. In fact, you can have the greatest experience and accomplishments and still not be found. The answer to getting found is use keywords recruiters are going to use to find you. Here are a few tips.

  1. Determine the keywords you need to use. You can do this by reading the job descriptions of the positions you are interested in. Jot down titles, requirements and other common words. These are your keywords.
  2. Give yourself a title at the top of the resume that has an accomplishment and keyword.
  3. For example: Top Ranked Medical Device Sales Manager. With this title if someone uses the keyword medical device or top ranked you will be found.
  4. Use keywords that speak to the recruiter. If you are looking for a Sales Manager role, the title Sales Manager needs to be on your resume.
  5. Use keywords throughout your resume. Do this by adding them to your title and continue by adding them in the job history. The more you use the keywords the better.
  • Sales Manager of high performance team
  • Managed 5 member of top ranked team

It is a competitive job market so give yourself the edge with an updated resume with an easy to use format and keywords throughout, it is your strategy for success.

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