7 Tips on How to Sail Through Your Pharmaceutical Sales Interview

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Preparation is the key to success for most things we do. It is particularly important when getting ready for an interview. If you are looking to make a career change and land your dream job, read on!

1.  Do your homework and know the background of the hiring manager.

  • Find out where they worked, their likes and dislikes and where they went to college, it will give you insight to use during the interview.
  • Check them out on LinkedIn, ask your colleagues who may have worked with them who may know their style of management

2 .Study the company’s website, mission statement and products.

  • It is common for a hiring manager to ask why you want to work for the company you are interviewing with. You can only answer this if you have done your homework and know the products and company information.

3.   Find out who the referral sources of business are and understand their needs.

  • Hiring managers want to know how you are going to help them. Understanding what and who drives their business in essential.

4.  Come up with 3 great questions for the hiring manager.

  • The questions you ask about the company’s strategy for growth, successes and mission demonstrate how smart and prepared you are.

5.  Listen intently and do not talk too much!

  • It is more important to listen to what the hiring manager is saying.
  • Answer the questions that have been asked clearly and concisely, do not ramble on.

6.  Make good eye contact and show enthusiasm

  • You always want to look like you want to be there and are an upbeat person.

 7. Close the interviewer and ask for next steps in the process, let them know you want the position.

  • Always tell the manager you are interested in the job, do not leave them guessing.

 We cannot guarantee you will leave the  interview with the job but if you follow these 7 tips you will be well prepared and on your way to landing your dream job in pharmaceutical sales.

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