7 Things You Can Do During Lunch Hour to Advance Your Career

7 Things You Can Do During Lunch Hour to Advance your Career

  1. Build a relationship
  2. Break a sweat
  3. Learn a language
  4. Professional Development
  5. Volunteer
  6. Stay up on current events
  7. Interview

Build a relationship
Get to know someone in the firm that has a job you think you’d like to grow into. Reach out to someone you think might be able to serve as a mentor. Talking over lunch is a great way to build relationships that can help provide contacts down the line, people who can serve as references, or just make your job more enjoyable.

Break a sweat
Exercising helps you focus and stay healthy, two important elements to a productive professional life. You can head to a gym or just go outside and take a walk. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, walking can help improve your circulation and expose you to sunlight and vitamin D, which boosts your immune system and metabolism.

Learn a language
Our world is getting smaller every day. Companies are constantly expanding overseas and working with clients from all over the world. Between two candidates with the exact same experience and skill set, the person who is bilingual is probably more likely to get the job. Language skills demonstrate intellectual curiosity and ability, and a work ethic that employers are looking for in an employee. There are lots of online tools that you can easily use to make progress on a new language during your lunch hour.

Professional Development
Keep an eye out for professional development opportunities. While they seem like they are taking a chunk out of your day, they will keep you up on trends in the industry, giving you interesting points to bring up in interviews. They also help your resume stand out and, if they are a quality course, even help you in your job performance. Don’t just take a class for the sake of it, ask around and make sure whatever you sign up for is worth your time.

Volunteering can add meaning to a day or week that you aren’t getting from your job at this point. It doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. Serving at a soup kitchen or tutoring elementary school kids are short-time commitments you could squeeze into your next lunch break. Plus it will add something different to your resume and might give you the confidence boost you need to reach that next rung on the ladder.

Stay up on current events
Staying current on trends in the industry is helpful for your job and your interviews. Knowing that the company you are interviewing with just got a key FDA approval, or that their competitors did, will impress a hiring committee. Reading is also a leisure activity that will still keep your brain active during the break from work. Subscribe to a service like MedCareerNews or some other industry website that delivers news to you inbox to make it easier.

While interview times are determined by the interviewer, you can always ask if you can come in while you’re on a lunch break from your current job. Or you can take an early or late lunch to make it work. Future employers could be impress that you are shirking your current job to interview, that’s not something they want to see in a future employee.

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If you are looking for ways to make yourself more promotable it does not take a lot of effort. See your lunch break as an opportunity to enhance your career with our tips for advancing your career.

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