5 Tips for Getting Your Resume Found Online

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The number of American online job seekers has doubled since 2005, per Pew Research, and this number is expected to grow. Access to jobs through online sources are greater than ever, but how do you get your resume seen in the growing internet crowd? We have 5 must do tips to get your resume found.

Use Keywords.
You can have the greatest experience and accomplishments and your resume may still not be found on the internet. The answer to getting found is use keywords recruiters are going to use to find you. You must first determine the keywords you need to use; you can do this by reading the job descriptions of the positions you are interested in. Jot down titles, requirements and other common words. These are your keywords. Put them in as many places as possible in on your resume. For example: If you want to be a Sales Manager, the words Sales Manager must be all over your resume. The more keywords the better.
Highlight your accomplishments so they pop off the page.
You need to make your resume stand out to get noticed so use bold and italics, or underlines to make an impression. Highlight informative content or keywords on your resume such as titles of jobs, awards, any major accomplishments and of course keywords. However, please don’t overdo it, then the resume gets messy looking and nothing seems special.
Post your resume on career boards.
This may seem like common sense, if you do not post your resume of course it will not be found. If you are not on LinkedIn sign up today and post your resume for free. Per LinkedIn there are approximately 6.5 million job listings on LinkedIn and approximately 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. Also check out Indeed Jobs, Simply Hired Jobs and Monster Jobs. There are also sites that are industry specific such as Medreps for medical sales people and Dice for technical jobs.
Use a bullet point format when writing your resume.
Recruiters doing internet and social media searches see hundreds of resumes during a search. They do not have time to pull up resumes and read lengthy details regarding your positions. At a glance your resume must attract the attention of the recruiter. You do this by using a bullet format. A glimpse of your resume and your accomplishments and career highlights stand out.
Give yourself a title.
As a recruiter I see hundreds of resumes a week and the majority of them still have an objective. If you really want to stand out, give yourself a title instead. I think it is obvious if someone is applying for a job their objective is to get it. Give yourself a title at the top of your resume that catches the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter. For example, if you are applying for a Sales Position, your title may be Award Winning Sales Professional. Which is way more effective at attracting attention than, “my objective is to get a sales position.” Also your title should include one of your keywords for even more effect.

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