5 Signs You Should be Looking for a New Job  

interview mistakes that cost you the job

Unless you work for yourself everyone is susceptible to losing a job. Knowing the signs can you give you a head start on a new job search or the opportunity to turn around a bad situation. Here is our list of the top telltale signs you are about to lose your job.

Poor performance review

Most companies have employee performance reviews the first 3 months of employment and then yearly after that. A sure sign you are in trouble with your employer is a poor performance review. You can either listen to the feedback and come up with a plan to improve or heed the warning and start looking for a job. If you do receive a poor review you need to decide if the feedback is real and whether you can make changes for the better. That may also depend on if you like your job. If you like your job you will be more willing to work hard save it.

You company was purchased

You love your job and have had great reviews, all is well. But then you hear rumblings about your company being purchased. This can be a red flag to start updating your resume. When companies merge they often have employees in similar roles and will need to do layoffs. However, it can take months to do due diligence and roll out their plan. This gives you time to assess the new management and make connections and see if you will be a fit with the new management team. It also give you time to explore new opportunities.

The boss who hired you was fired or quit

Hiring managers are typically loyal to people they hire, especially if you are doing your job well. So, what happens when the person who has hired and mentored you losses their job? Is it possible your boss’s firing is an omen for things to come or is it an isolated incident? It may be a good idea to be wary when new management is coming in. Although not always the case, the new management team may link you with the old regime and be looking for new blood.

Not being included in meetings

If you have typically been included in management meetings or other functions and are now finding out about meetings after the fact, it may be sign you are going to be let go, especially if people are evasive or non-committal when you ask for an explanation.  If you share your concerns with your boss and they show a lack of interest or feeling for you, it may be time to look for a new job.

Did not get the promotion you were expecting

If you have made it clear to your boss you want to move up in the company, applied for a promotion and do not get it, you will not only be disappointed, but you should also be wary about losing the current role you have. Most managers hire people who are promotable. Once you are over looked it may be a sign you may be getting fired.

 If any or a few of the examples have happened to you it does not mean you are going to be fired, however they can be red flags. Your best course of action is to speak with your boss, which may or may not alleviate your fears!

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Lisa Manley has been a recruiter for leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

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